05 December 2012

[Girl Crush by Jodie Patterson]


07 September 2012

[Shayla Cox]



12 August 2012


Luv this Ipad case from Coriumi.


08 August 2012



06 July 2012

[The Illustrated Gladwell]

Design Matters: The Illustrated Gladwell from Hillman Curtis on Vimeo.


27 December 2011

[These Shoes!]

Jeffrey Campbell Kelsey Boot


20 December 2011

[An Oversimplification of Her Beauty]


18 December 2011


these leggings from Nakimuli!!!


14 December 2011

[Leah Smith]


23 November 2011

[Feature: Ambrosia]

It seems that wherever Ambrosia goes, love abounds. Each week, this vlogger and rising natural hair icon inspires thousands of women with her tutorials and slice of life videos. In the spirit of the Black Girls Rock movement, her creativity and drive is inspiring a humble league of young women who tune in to watch videos of her en route to her day gig, and as she showcases her other creative endeavors. Behind her signature tag, XOXO, is a smart, driven woman with a tremendous spirit and an abundant desire to share.

Where are you from?


You are quite a busy woman - wearing many hats,
possessing many talents: vlogger, blogger, jewelry designer, makeup artist, and stylist. What drives you? Your creativity?

I am a firm believer of the quote that one can do anything they put their mind to. I love a challenge and I am always finding new things to get into, just to keep busy.
Is it difficult to juggle so many roles?

It does get a bit exhausting at times, but I truly feel like a slacker if I’m not working on multiple things. I simply have a drive for success and I will get there, therefore I am more than willing to put in the work.
What advice do you have for other diversely talented creatives?

Be serious about what you want to do, keep your word and don’t ever second guess yourself. One other thing I like to do is not say a word to anyone about my long term goals, but keep it to myself.
How do you maintain balance?

I work hard, but I also know my body and the signs that it gives me. Knowing when to slow down and give your body that time to recover does wonders for your work ethic. You will get back to work feeling more refreshed than ever. I also try to eat well as much as possible and include exercise into my week
What inspires you?

As of late, my inspiration comes depending on the environment I am in. I love to work in nice modern spaces. I feel like it helps my creativity flow. Also, complete silence is the best. I am inspired by people, places, and things.

What is the inspiration behind your current jewelry collection?

Statement pieces, definite conversation starters. . . Edgy/Chic!
What are your long-term goals for the line? Your boutique?
I plan on opening a boutique location in the near future. There are also a few things in the works that I will not be mentioning to anyone just yet...expect finer materials.

What are you passionate about?
I am passionate about life. I love to learn. I am passionate about becoming a better me.
Are there any social issues close to your heart?
As a child I had dreams of someday becoming a Vet. I bet the internet never knew that
one! I have a huge heart for animals, and as of late, I have been big on the issue of animal abuse and neglect.
What effect do you hope to have on the people that experience you

I hope to inspire individuals to create a life for themselves, follow through with their goals, and be more positive. There is so much negativity in the world, it’s ridiculous, life is so much better if you focus on yourself and work at being the best at what you do.

Thanks Ambrosia!

Ambrosia's Links:


20 November 2011

[Give Me Water]

This sweet collaboration between John Forte and Valerie June is the kind of music that makes you feel!


[Kesha Bruce]


17 November 2011

[New Muhsinah]

#11 Muhsinah "Zombie" from LIVE AT THE LOFT on Vimeo.


16 November 2011

[Luv these bags!]

Top Bag: Aldo

Bottom Bag: Jcrew

*Update: I went shopping with my mom this weekend. She bought the Aldo bag for me as a Christmas gift! It's hanging out at her house until then. And the Jcrew bag? it'll be a christmas gift to self! What's on your list?


13 November 2011

[Epiphanie Bags]

Check out the lovely new catalog from Epiphanie.


21 October 2011

[Mini Shop]

Took a little trip to Anthropologie today...

Picked up this lovely journal for my desk

And this sweet Goji Berry Voluspa candle!


17 October 2011


I never made it to Georgia's. This month they closed their flagship store and moved the salon to another location. Thankfully, the online shop will remain...



16 October 2011

[Brooklyn Luv]

You know how I feel about Brooklyn...

I Love You From Here To New York by Hop Skip Jump Paper
Brooklyn Pillow by Nesta Home
Copper Bracelet by Fugudesigns
Spike Lee Brooklyn Tee by SoYouThinkYouCanRock
Subway Print by Brooklynmade
Brooklyn Ballerina, Summer Series by Brooklit
Last Exit to Brooklyn Tee by Abject Birth


11 October 2011

[House 38]

Cute trousers from House 38!

Image via House 38.


28 September 2011

[Clutch Luv Part IV]

Clutch NY

SML Bags (Brooklyn)

*This blog will officially serve as my 2011 Christmas wish list.

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